Sock Gallery



"The Wayfinder"

"Year of the Dog"

"Flags and Dreams"

"Wheat Field With Crows"

"Welcome to Smashville!"


"Sun Blocked"

"Tale As Old As Time"


"Hangin' With My Peeps"

"Over the Town"

"Assistant to the Regional Manager"

"I Enjoy Being Purple"

"The Lovely Hearts Club Band"

"Gray Garden"


"Let Me Call You Sweetheart"

"Suits and Pencil Skirts"

"Fish Out of Water"


"The Starry Night"

"Scare Your Socks Off!"

"....And I'm Not Even a Trekkie!"

"Just Keep Swimmin'!"

"Orange You My Friend?"

"October 31"

"Let's Dye It for the Boys!"

"Just Rollin' Along!"

"It's One in Vermillion!"

"What's Your Superpower?"

"Because I'm Happy"

"Kiss Me Quick!"

"Van Gogh's Bedroom"

"The Wayfinder"

"It's Not Easy Eating Greens!"

"Elves Have Left the Building"

"Girl With a Purl Earring"


"The Night Cafe"

"I Guess That's Why They Call These the Blues"

"Six Shades of Autumn"

"Hey Macaron-a!"

"The Bear Necessities"



"S(m)ock It to Me!"


"Year of the Rooster"


 "Pink Strong"

 "School Daze"