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"Hang 'Moos', Oahu!" Self-striping Sock Yarn

"Hang 'Moos', Oahu!" Self-striping Sock Yarn
When we were in Hawaii this summer, we had ice cream at the Honolulu Ben and Jerry's, where they had this cute Honolulu/Oahu themed mural depicting Diamond Head State Monument and the golden beaches of the island. This mural and the Aloha spirit of Hawaii inspired this colorway.
5 stripe repeat:
  • 6-7 rows Le'ahi 
  • 6-7 rows Oahu
  • 6-7 rows Blue Hawaii
  • 6-7 rows Sand
  • 6-7 rows Golden Sand
100 grams
Mini-skein in Blue Hawaii
Dyed to order in your choice of yarn base below. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to ship.