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Welcome to my online store!

Hello and welcome to my online store! I am very excited that you have come to explore what we have in store for you! 

When I started dyeing my own self-striping yarn, I was not sure how well it would be received by the sock knitting community! I am a sock knitter, so I think I know how sock knitters feel, think and want out of this addiction to knitting and making socks! Like many knitters, I have yarns, colors, patterns, needles, knitting methods and habits, that I like and tend to stick to. I love the different kinds of sock yarn - variegated, tonal, self-striping (I haven't tried sock blanks - yet!) but what I love most is self -striping yarn! Maybe it's because I like the predictability of knowing how my socks will look and if you dislike counting rows as I do, striped yarn takes out all the guesswork of "are my socks equal in length?" and "how many rows do I have to knit so my socks match"? So I took to self striping yarn like a duck to water, and have not looked back since!

I decided to try dyeing my own yarn in June 2015, and began with some old Wilton cake dye that was slowly hardening in my pantry. I was so eager to get started, I hurriedly wrapped and then dunked the yarn into some vinegar-water and the jars of dye solution, and hurriedly steamed the dyed yarn to set the dyes, and waited impatiently for the yarn to dry, and then spent hours winding up the tangled mess of yarn. My first ball was my pride and joy, and as soon as I was done taking pictures of it, I started to knit a sock with it, and was excited to see it take shape and grow stripes! 

Fast forward to today, when I am having just as much fun and feeling proud of my new online store, as I write this blog entry to welcome you to it! Some of you are family, friends, and customers who have supported me from the beginning of this endeavor, and some of you are looking at my yarns for the very first time. Please look around and come back often, and contact me and share pictures of socks you have knitted or will knit with my yarns. Look me up on Facebook at, Instagram - @eatknitdye, and Ravelry @moomdawg, and do drop in to say "Hey"!  

  • eatknitdye on

    I do wind my yarn on a board and remove it to dye, then replace it on the board again to wind it. I don’t know of a more streamlined approach! It is time-consuming, and I have learned to be quite the multi-tasker!

  • Mary-Anne Smith on

    I love self striping yarn. I am an indie dyer but do not dye self striping yarn, as I believe it is too time consuming. But since that is all you sell, can I ask you if you do the method of winding the yarn on a warping board, dyeing, replacing on a warping board, and winding your ball? Or do you have a more streamlined approach.

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